Bee Bread 200 g.

Bee bread is a preserved mix of pollen collected by bees. The process of making it includes the effect of various microorganisms, also fermentation for two weeks in a honeycomb with consistent humidity and the temperature of 35-36 degrees. It is bee’s main source of protein, fat, micro elements and vitamins. Bee bread consists of protein, amino acid, vitamins, micro elements, ferments, enzymes, carbohydrates.

Energy value of 100 g.: 1076 kJ/254 Kcal.
Fats                              2,0 g.
Fatty acids                    0,5 g.
Carbohydrates             36,0 g.
of which sugars            35,0 g.
Fibre                             2,0 g.
Proteins                        22,0 g.
Salt                               0,0 g.

Baltic Shamans Bee Farm is located in Molėtai District Municipality, surrounded by natural meadows and forests away from chemical farms and big cities. Our honey products are raw, unpasteurized, unprocessed, rich with nutritional micro-elements, amino acids and enzymes.