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Garden/ Himmeli

The garden consists of two pyramidal parts. The pyramid is called upland with a spike, the pyramid is spiked down-dungeon. And among them is the earth. The upper part - the accumulator, the lower one - the deliverer. The garden structure consists of squares and triangles. Ancient people did not do anything by themselves, because of the scenery did not. The gardens had ritual, ritual and customary meanings. Their goal is to accumulate cosmic energy and give it to the gardeners. Therefore, they are hanging over the table, and the table is a sacred place where the whole family meets. The garden harmonizes the people at the table, "smoothes their corners", strengthens health. It does not matter very much when the parents are based, allowing children to "cling to their feet" on the table. By the way, it is energetically measured that the garden is properly spreading its energy up to 30 meters, especially if it rotates. Then the garden produces and gives even more energy. In ancient times, the gardens were applied to the horse's tail, sometimes the hair was applied to the wax - it was even better to make it. On the other hand, a rotating garden means that the air is constantly circulating in the room, and the stagnant air is not for anyone's health. Like every thing, so the gardens are old. Of course, it sinks and dust. To restore them, it is enough to put up with a small stream of water - it is washed away both earthly and cosmic dust. Well, and if the garden ruined irreparably, it's best to burn it.