Palo Santo Bundle

Palo Santo Bundle Includes:
• Premium Quality Sustainable Palo Santo sticks(5pcs)
• Palo Santo essence oil(5ml)
• Handmade Palo Santo soap(45g)
Wood sticks are approximately 10cm long and 2-4 cm thick.
The Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is a sacred tree that has been used by ancestors for immemorial ceremonies and healing in South America. Fallen trees and branches of the Palo Santo Tree are let to dry in the forest for a period of 5 to 7 years before being collected, it's time for the resin to crystallize and reveal this magical and subtle fragrance.
Palo Santo, a.k.a. The Sacred Tree is known for:
*Energetic cleansing
*Spiritual growth
*Easing stress and anxiety
*Helping create safe home space
To use your smudging stick, begin by ensuring your space is well ventilated for effective cleansing. Light the Palo Santo stick and as the flame appears, put the stick out so it will smolder and smoke. You may cleanse yourself first by encircling the smoke around you. Use your hand or a feather to direct the smoke to the areas or persons in need of cleansing. 
Palo Santo Essential oil:
Here are some ways to use it as a holistic remedy:
*Flu, allergies, asthma, migraine and bad mood: Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level, nose, sides of the head (temple) and the neck.
*Dizziness: Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level.
*Panic, stress and labor anxiety: Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level, nose and the neck.
*Massages: Reactive blood circulation and recharge the energy level. Arthritis, arthrosis, neck pain and muscle aches: only when there is pain, apply 3 times a day a few drops directly on the point of pain and massage until oil is absorbed.
(Protect the affected area with a red bandage: this colour increases the body energy flow.)
*Direct Palm Inhalation: Place a drop of this uplifting and clarifying oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the palms together, bring them towards your face and take a deep inhalation and exhale slowly.
Palo Santo soap ingredients: 100% organic handmade soap, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, apricot kernel, sweet almond and virgin olive oil, flower hydrolate, Tussah silk, natural mineral pigments and Palo Santo essential oil. Hydrates the skin, suitable for both skin and hair.