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Steel tongue drum 8.7inch X 6inch // 22cm X 12cm

Every instrument is different and unique – hope you will feel and appreciate it. Steel tongue drums are one type of instruments which are build in a far away forests of Lithuania. Every step in a process is full of attention and love to create different instruments but each tuned in a perfect harmony. The harmony which has a purpose to heal and spread the calmness to the ones who are missing it. This instrument will resonate your body and mind.

The order will include: 1. Nest Drum 2. Two mallets 3. Handcrafted bag 4. Tuning magnets.

B~minor, B3 D4 E4 F#4 A4 B4 D5 E5, comes with tuning set. You can tune your drum to multiple scales.

30cm 12inch - 250 Eur.