Hemp Flower Buds 25 g.

The highest quality cannabis flowers buds are grown on the eco-farm, Hand-sown and picked, dried at low temperatures and matured. Perfect for tea, inhalations / smoking, tinctures, CBD oil extracts, cosmetics. The buds are rich in full-spectrum cannabinoids (CBD 3,1%, THC content does not exceed 0,06 %, so it is not intoxicating but you will get the full positive effect of CBD).

Baltic Shamans Eko Farm - Apiary, Hemp and Shiitake Mushroom Farm

Further from civilization, surrounded by lakes, wild meadows and forests, we grow cannabis, shiitake mushrooms and beekeeping on a small farm.
These products are "super foods" with high levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, rich in antioxidants that protect cells, strengthen immunity.