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Bee Polen 200 g.

Bee Pollen is collected by bees flying from one plant to another while collecting nectar. Part of the pollen remains on the plant they land on and part of it is brought back to the beehive, which then is used for food. Pollen is very beneficial for a human body – it boosts immune system, enhances endurance and productivity, reduces levels of cholesterol in blood, improves appetite and functionality of the digestive system, increases haemoglobin and electrolytes in the blood, treats depression.

Energy value of 100 g.: 1275 kJ/305 Kcal.
Fats                              5,0 g.
Fatty acids                    0,2 g.
Carbohydrates             30,0 g.
of which sugars            26,0 g.
Fibre                             30,0 g.
Proteins                        20,0 g.

Baltic Shamans Bee Farm is located in Molėtai District Municipality, surrounded by natural meadows and forests away from chemical farms and big cities. Our honey products are unpasteurized, unprocessed, full of natural properties.