Palo Santo Essence Oil 1 ml.

1 ml test bottle of Palo Santo Essential Oil 33% pure easy to carry and to apply.
Massages: Reactive blood circulation and recharge the energy level. Arthritis, arthrosis, neck pain and muscle aches: only when there is pain, apply 3 times a day a few drops directly on the point of pain and massage until oil is absorbed.
Protect the affected area with a red bandage because this colour increases the body energy flow.
Flu, allergies, asthma, migraine and bad mood: Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level, nose, sides of the head (temple) and the neck.
Dizziness: Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level.
Panic, stress and labor anxiety: Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level, nose and the neck.
Direct Palm Inhalation: Place a drop of this uplifting and clarifying oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the palms together, bring them towards your face and take a deep inhalation and exhale slowly.
Palo Santo is traditionally used in South America as an antiseptic and to remove impurities from the skin and body and home. It is used to clear homes of "bad energy" and bring in good fortune. It is a great oil for skin infections and helpful in cases of acne especially when combined with other skin healing essential oils like Carrot Seed, Helichrysum Italicum, and Manuka. Palo Santo is used for calming panic attacks and anxiety. It is a mood uplifter and quite helpful with depression especially when combined with other anti depressive oil such as Blood Orange, Frankincense or Neroli. It is a good repellent for mosquitoes and other insects. Palo Santo has a pleasant aroma which is plus when needing an insect repellent. It’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities make it a good remedy for headaches and migraines as well alleviating pain from tight muscles and restricted joints. Palo Santo wood is harvested under government supervision by the natives of the Peruvian jungle . No trees are destroyed in the collection of the wood used by our distiller. The wood is ethically harvested.