Antistress Smudging Bundle

Antistress& Anxiety Relief Smudging Kit
• Palo Santo Sticks (3 pcs)
• White Sage or Cedar Branches (1 smudging wand)
• Rose Quartz (1 pcs)

For many ages white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. 
Sage smudging is a powerful cleansing technique used by the indigenous people for thousands of years in order to remove negativity and invoke positive energy. Use our smudge sticks to cleanse a space, person, object or your own mind, body and spirit.

Cedar is an herb of protection. Cedar trees are sacred, very wise, old and powerful spirits. Cedar is often used to cleanse a home or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences. 
To use your smudge, begin by ensuring your space is well ventilated for effective cleansing. Place the sage bundle on a glass or ceramic surface and light one end of the herbs. As the flame appears, put the herb out so it will smolder and smoke. You may cleanse yourself first by encircling the smoke around you. Use your handa or a feather to direct the smoke to the areas or persons in need of cleansing. PLEASE MAKE SURE to extinguish the wand when you're done smudging. Always remember to keep children and pets safe when burning incenses. 

ROSE QUARTZ - beautiful healing crystal is commonly used to channel all types of love, compassion, kindness and peace. It’s believed to calm and heal the heart, while also attracting love whether it’s self-love, friendships and romantic relationships.
Rose Quartz:
• Attracts all kinds of love
• Encourages emotional healing
• Replaces toxic emotions that clog the heart chakra
• Releases negativity that blocks love
• Eases anxiety & fear
• Brings forth balance and harmony

• You can sleep with this stone under your pillow to promote healthy sleep (good for those who suffer from anxiety-related insomnia)
• You can lay with the stone directly on your heart whilst you breathe in calm feelings
• Visualisation; close your eyes, hold the stone over your heart and visualise your body covered in a pink glow, this can help balance and energize the heart chakra dispelling anxiety in a matter of minutes
• You can sleep with it placed in your hands
• Carry Rose Quartz in a pocket or close to your body